Chloe Flam: Vote yes on 3A, 3B

Chloe Flam: Vote yes on 3A, 3B

I have lived and worked in Steamboat Springs for more than 20 years and have two kids at Strawberry Park Elementary. This community is fortunate to have a school district that is consistently accredited with distinction by the Colorado Department of Education. I attribute this success to a strong leadership team at the school district promoting the culture of excellence central to the district’s mission.

The school district administration team, school staff and most notably, the school board invested a lot of time and care to develop a long-range plan for school expansion that addresses current and projected future overcrowding for all grade levels, as well as deferred maintenance.

There were more than 30 public meetings throughout the time the district developed their facilities master plan starting May 2014. I went to several of these meetings and had the opportunity to voice my questions and concerns. I was answered patiently and thoroughly by the district superintendent Brad Meeks at those meetings.

I fully support this plan as the best plan for our children, teachers and taxpayers. I want to speak out to the community, because I realize there are many people, in particular the working parents with school-aged children, who perhaps haven’t had time to attend the public meetings and get the detailed information first-hand. I want those people to have faith in the ability of the school district administration.

The community has a choice either to vote yes on 3A and 3B, which will allow the school district to move forward and address the overcrowding problem within the next several years, or to vote no, which is essentially a choice of doing nothing other than scrapping all of the work that has been put in so far.

Chloe Flam
Steamboat Springs

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