Principals from every school in the district

“We, the undersigned principals from across all schools in the district support the Master Plan and urge you to vote YES on 3A and 3B. Please help us help kids.”
– Michelle Miller, Soda Creek principal
– Amy Bohmer, Soda Creek assistant principal
– Tracy Stoddard, Strawberry Park principal
– Jenny Krentz, Strawberry Park assistant principal
– Jerry Buelter, middle school principal
– Heidi Chapman-Hoy, middle school assistant principal
– Brandon LaChance, North Routt Charter principal
– Marty Lamansky, Yampa Valley high school principal
– Kevin Taulman, high school principal
(Letter to Editor published October 17th)


“Please join us in supporting the bond election by voting YES to 3A and 3B.”
– Rebecca Dybas-Nicholson, Soda Creek 2nd grade teacher
– Elissa Chapman, Soda Creek special education teacher
– Jennifer McCannon, Soda Creek instructional coach
– Carol Harris, Strawberry Park kindergarten teacher
– Kayli Daymon, Strawberry Park music teacher
– Maggie Moore, Soda Creek kindergarten teacher
– Christine Russell, Soda Creek media and ELL specialist
– Lisa Adams, Strawberry Park 5th grade teacher
(Letter to Editor published October 13th)

“As middle school teachers, we would like the public to understand, there is a need for more educational programming space at Steamboat Springs Middle School. Building one elementary school is not a solution that will help our district in the long term. Consider voting “yes” for 3A and 3B. These bonds are an investment in the future generations of children in Steamboat Springs.”
– Jerry Buelter, middle school principal
– Heidi Chapman-Hoy, middle school assistant principal
– Teachers: Amy Piva, Julie Warnke, Jennifer Sherman, Chris Adams, Rebecca Fulk, Jeff Ruff, Cathy Girard, Kandise Gilbertson, Brande O’Hare, Wendy Hall, Tai Nass, Amber Knauf, Stephen Miller, Marin Shanahan, Travis Bryant, Jo Kushik-Sinclair, Annie and Ben Barbier, Kathleen and Brad Weber, Jim Knapp, Matt Anderson, Emily Lawrence and Sarah and Mike Beurskins
(Letter to Editor published October 8th)

We support this plan as a sustainable solution for the future of Steamboat education.”
– Steamboat Springs Education Association (SSEA)

“As a teacher at our middle school for many years, I can attest to the significant growth of class sizes, and how it has impeded the ability to allow for movement and interaction in my classroom.I support our district plan to create facilities at ALL levels that will allow for creative teaching and increased student engagement. Plus, it would be fantastic to have a window!”
~Julie Warnke, Middle School Spanish Teacher (windowless classroom)

“As a teacher in the school district, I see overcrowding and ill-configured programming spaces first hand every day. I feel that the quality of education outweighs the location of that education and that this plan has the right priorities in mind. I will be voting YES on 3A and 3B.”
– Rebecca Dybas-Nicholson, 2nd grade teacher


“The opposition claims simply aren’t true. Our schools are bursting at the seems, even the high school, and this is a community driven resolution to these problems. I look forward to the passing of 3A & 3B to provide the best possible educational setting for our children and educators at the least possible long term cost to the taxpayers.”
– Jennifer Warren
(Letter to Editor published September 29th)

“As a parent and community member of over twenty years, I fully support this plan because it offers a long-term solution to a complex problem.  School district staff and also the school board invested a lot of time and care into the planning process, and I went to several of the public meetings to witness that effort.  The community needs to do its part by voting YES on 3A and 3B so the plan can move forward.”
– Chloe Flam

This truly is the best plan for all students and all taxpayers in our school district.”
– Neal & Kim Schulz, parents and downtown residents
– Chuck & Carol Hanger, parents and 45 year downtown residents
– Jim & Sally Lambert, parents and downtown residents
– Matt & Shana Smith, parents and west Steamboat residents
– Melissa Walzak, parent and west Steamboat resident
– Tony & Amy Dickson, parents, commercial property owners, and mountain area residents
– John & Dianne James, parents, business owners, and 20 year mountain area residents
– John & Shael Moyer, parents and rural Routt County residents
– Ed & Shirley Andrew, parents, commercial property owners, and 60+ year rural Routt County residents
– Rich & Linda Danter, 35 year residents of Steamboat
(Letter to Editor published October 20th)

“We moved to Steamboat recently. We have four young sons so schools and the surrounding community were some of the most important factors in making this big decision. Steamboat has a wonderful reputation for excellent schools that extends far beyond the Yampa Valley. We are in support of this plan because we believe it makes a positive investment in the growth and education of Steamboat’s future leaders, and makes Steamboat a stronger community overall.”
– Eric and Sara Nance

The solution offered by the school board through the bond vote is the most comprehensive, cost-effective and flexible of any of the five solutions initially considered.  Rejecting this proposal for another short-term solution will ultimately cost us more and provide less for our children
– Ken Mauldin
(Letter to Editor published August 20th)

“We are excited about the  quality of education our little ones will receive at the great schools provided by 3A and 3B.  The positives of this plan far outweigh any possible negative.”
– Matt & Shana Smith

We believe that schools are the foundation of a great community. We have two young children and have seen first hand the effects of over crowding at our elementary schools. We also own a business in Steamboat that relies on technology in order to compete globally, and it would be a disservice to the kids here to not give them the best programs to prepare them for their future after high school.”
– Mike & Gillian Morris
(Letter to Editor published October 7th)

We will be voting YES on 3A and 3B to provide our community’s children both the capacity and educational programming they deserve.”
– Melissa and Curt Walzak

“It’s time for the community to step up and support a long-term solution. I will be supporting the bond issue on the ballot this fall, and I urge you to do the same.”
– Paula Stephenson (Letter to Editor published August 26th)

Former Steamboat high school graduates

“We support the school bond in order to secure classroom space, proper facilities, and  teachers for our children when the reach high school age. We believe in “big picture” and this bond is not a short term solution, but instead is an investment in our future. It will provide our children with the facilities and SPACE they need in order to maintain a high quality education.”
Tiana Buschmann, 1997 Steamboat high school graduate
(Letter to Editor published October 10th)

Business leaders

“There is nothing more important to this community’s success than our children’s growth and development. The plan chosen by our school board is the most well thought out, long-term, forward thinking of the different options reviewed, and I support the bond issue and mill levy override.”
– Adonna Allen

“As a parent, local business owner, and 30 year resident of Steamboat Springs, I support the master plan. It addresses the current overcrowding in Steamboat’s schools while providing a long-term vision for future generations. As a community we need to stand together and support our children by investing in their education. The “road to nowhere” will now become the “road to our children’s future.”
– Tony Dickson, owner of Gondola Pub & Grill

As a small business owner, I have been keeping educated on the future of this community, and I see growth. We must always take proactive measures and not reactive, especially when dealing with our children’s future. The new expansion and improvement of our education program is a must. We have a lot of pride in our education system here in Steamboat, lets make sure we are never let down later down the road.”
– Glen Traylor, owner of Ski Butlers

“As a small business owner, I fully support the investment this plan requires to maintain the educational standards this community deserves.”
– Marcia Cobb, owner of Steamboat and High Mountain Snowmobile Tours

“My wife and I will be voting YES for both the proposed bond and mill levy. We recognize the need for our community to invest in the schools in order for the district to be able to continue to provide an outstanding education.”
– Finn Gerstell, Owner of Kinetic Energy Physical Therapy
(Letter to Editor published September 2nd)

“I support this plan and will be voting YES for both the bond and mill levy override.”
– Jean Colby

North Routt

“With personal and professional interests in both the Yampa Valley High School and the North Routt Community Charter School, I believe this plan is important for the under represented student populations in the school district. In addition, It makes sense to be proactive and I don’t think we need to see a bunch of modulars in front of our schools to be the impetus to make this decision.”
– Molly Lotz, longtime North Routt resident
(Letter to Editor published September 29th)

The growth and infrastructure of the local schools is very important to the North Routt community. Our Charter School has close ties with the district and we all work towards the same common goal – to educate the youth of our community. Our students often participate in after-school activities, additional academic programming, and staff collaboration in Steamboat, and it’s important to note that they later attend the Steamboat Springs High School.”
– Brandon LaChance, Executive Director/Principal, NRCCS


“Love your Steamboat community? Then love our schools, because they greatly influence quality of life in the ’Boat. Join me and vote YES on 3A and 3B.”
– Ann Ball, retired teacher and former school board member
(Letter to Editor published September 15th)

We are retired, living off a fixed military retirement with disability, and raising our granddaughters. We support this campaign with time and money because we love the Steamboat community and want to further the education of young people.”
– Russ & Christine Scott
(Letter to Editor published August 7th)

“We have lived in Steamboat since the late 70’s. We do not have children but will support this bond issue. Our children are our future!”
– Linda and Rich Danter

We are retired, new residents of Steamboat. What a great opportunity for this community to support the upcoming bond election! We have found the process to determine what is needed and what is most beneficial and economical to be thorough and inclusive. This is an opportunity to give kids in Steamboat adequate, full-service facilities to benefit them from kindergarten to high school. Change is never easy, but these well-thought-out changes are necessary to provide our kids with a first rate education.”
– W.M. and Jan Stalcup
(Letter to Editor published September 5th)









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