Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How was the proposed solution developed and chosen?
Answer: Over 25 public meetings were held throughout the course of a year, starting with the identification of the district’s capacity needs and strategic programming goals and then developing several options for community input and review. Option C/C2 was preferred by the majority of community members and then unanimously accepted by the Board of Education.

Question: What are the specific improvements to each school?
Answer: Learn the benefits to each school, including Soda Creek Elementary, Strawberry Park Elementary,Middle School, High School, and Yampa Valley (Alternative) High School.

Question: What were the other options considered?
Answer: Alternative options included building a new elementary at Whistler, a new PK-8 at Steamboat II, and purchasing Christian Heritage School.

Question: Why move the high school?
Answer: The current high school is overcapacity in certain shared spaces, like the gymnasium. Future enrollment growth puts the current high school at classroom capacity in 5-10 years, with limited options for expansion due to its mostly single-story, horizontal footprint…Read More >>

Question: Why pre-school?
Answer: Early Childhood Education is one of the best investments for a child, yet is a significant challenge in our community…Read More >>

Question: How much will my taxes increase?
Answer: Less than a dollar per day, while remaining below the historic average for school property taxes…Read More >>

Question: What will happen to the 7th street building (original high school)?
Answer: No plans exist to sell or demolish this building…Read More >>

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